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Welcome to Galaxy Tours and Travels, your premier travel companion in Mount Abu. As the leading travel agency in the region, we are committed to providing exceptional service and creating unforgettable experiences for our clients. Our deep local knowledge, extensive range of travel packages, and dedication to customer satisfaction set us apart from the rest.

Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan, offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, historical landmarks, and cultural richness. Best travel agent in Mount Abu strives to showcase the best of what this enchanting destination has to offer. Whether you’re looking to explore the serene Nakki Lake, marvel at the architectural splendor of Dilwara Temples, or enjoy a breathtaking sunset at Sunset Point, we have tailored packages to meet your every need.

Our team of experienced travel experts is passionate about travel and dedicated to making your trip seamless and memorable. We offer a variety of services, including curated tour packages, comfortable transportation options, hotel bookings, and guided tours. We also cater to your specific needs with personalized itineraries that ensure you get the most out of your visit to Mount Abu.

Choosing Mount Abu best tour operator means choosing a hassle-free and enriching travel experience. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and the genuine care we extend to our clients. Let us guide you through the wonders of Mount Abu and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Premium Travel Packages

At Galaxy Tours and Travels, we understand that every traveler is unique, and so are their expectations and desires. That’s why we offer a diverse range of premium travel packages tailored to meet your specific interests and needs. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast, a history buff, or simply looking to unwind in nature’s embrace, we have the perfect package for you.

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Experience the rich cultural heritage of India with our Golden Triangle Tour Package. This meticulously crafted journey takes you through Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, showcasing iconic landmarks such as the Taj Mahal, Amber Fort, and India Gate. Immerse yourself in the vibrant history, architecture, and traditions of these majestic cities while enjoying comfortable accommodations and guided tours.

Rajasthan Tour Package

Discover the royal essence of Rajasthan with our comprehensive tour package. Covering major destinations like Jaipur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Mount Abu, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Kumbhalgarh, Ajmer, Pushkar, and Ranthambore, this package offers a deep dive into the state’s diverse landscapes and cultural heritage. From the majestic forts and palaces to the serene lakes and wildlife sanctuaries, Rajasthan’s charm is unparalleled.

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Escape to the serene hill stations with our exclusive tour package designed for nature lovers. Explore the picturesque beauty of destinations like Shimla, Manali, and Mussoorie. Enjoy the cool climate, lush greenery, and breathtaking views while indulging in activities such as trekking, sightseeing, and relaxation. Our hill stations tour promises a rejuvenating experience amidst nature’s tranquility.

Customized Tour Packages

We believe in making your travel dreams come true. If our pre-designed packages don’t perfectly align with your interests, we offer the flexibility to create customized itineraries. Whether you wish to combine elements from different packages or include unique destinations, our travel agents near abu road railway station are here to design a personalized journey just for you.

Our Comprehensive Travel Services

Best travel agency in Mount Abu offers a wide array of travel services designed to cater to every aspect of your journey. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your travel experience is smooth, enjoyable, and memorable. Here’s a detailed look at the comprehensive services we provide:

Mount Abu Taxi Services, Tempo Traveller, and Luxury Bus Rentals

Navigating a new place can be challenging, but with our reliable transportation services, you can explore Mount Abu and its surroundings with ease. Whether you need a comfortable taxi for a quick trip, a spacious Tempo Traveller for a family outing, or a luxurious bus for a larger group, the travel agency near Mount Abu bus stand got you covered. Visit popular attractions like Nakki Lake, Dilwara Temples, and Guru Shikhar in comfort and style.

Flights Booking Services

Save time and avoid the hassle of flight bookings by entrusting us with your travel plans. Our team ensures that you get the best deals on flights to and from Mount Abu, connecting you to major cities across India and beyond. We handle all the details, from securing the best seats to managing your itinerary, so you can focus on enjoying your trip.

Mount Abu Hotels and Resorts Booking Services

Finding the perfect accommodation is crucial for a memorable trip. Tour operators near Mount Abu road railway station offer a range of hotel and resort booking services, from cozy three-star hotels to luxurious five-star resorts. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo retreat, we’ll find the ideal lodging to suit your needs and budget.

Mount Abu Guide Services

Explore Mount Abu’s rich history and vibrant culture with the help of our knowledgeable guides. We provide expert guides for all major tourist spots, including Nakki Lake, Dilwara Temples, Guru Shikhar, Sunset Point, and Achalgarh Fort. Guides from travel agents near Mount Abu bus stand bring the stories and significance of each site to life, ensuring a deeper and more enriching travel experience.

Mount Abu Local Activities Booking Services

Enhance your trip with exciting local activities. From boating on Nakki Lake to trekking in the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary and rock climbing adventures, tour operators near Mount Abu bus stand arrange a variety of activities that cater to all interests and thrill levels. Experience the beauty and excitement of Mount Abu like never before.

Customized Itinerary Planning

Every traveler is unique, and so are their travel needs. Our customized itinerary planning service allows you to create a personalized travel plan that includes all your preferred activities and destinations. Mount Abu travel agents work closely with you to design an itinerary that matches your interests, schedule, and budget.

Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Mount Abu

Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan, is a treasure trove of natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural heritage. Here are the top 15 must-visit tourist attractions that you should not miss during your trip.

1. Dilwara Temples

Location: Delwara Village
Entry Charges: Free for Indians; ₹200 for foreigners
Timings: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Distance from City Centre: 2.5 kilometers

The Dilwara Temples are renowned for their exquisite marble architecture and intricate carvings. Built between the 11th and 13th centuries, these Jain temples are a testament to the craftsmanship of ancient India. The Vimal Vasahi and Luna Vasahi temples are particularly noteworthy for their ornate details and spiritual ambiance.

2. Nakki Lake

Location: Near Main Market
Entry Charges: Free
Timings: 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Distance from City Centre: 0.5 kilometers

Nakki Lake is a serene and picturesque spot, perfect for boating and leisurely strolls. According to legend, the lake was dug by gods using their nails. Surrounded by hills and dotted with lush greenery, it's an ideal place to unwind and enjoy nature’s beauty.

3. Guru Shikhar

Location: Highest Peak of the Aravalli Range
Entry Charges: Free
Timings: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Distance from City Centre: 15 kilometers

Guru Shikhar, the highest point in the Aravalli Range, offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The peak is home to the Guru Dattatreya Temple, dedicated to Lord Dattatreya, an incarnation of the Hindu Trinity.

4. Sunset Point

Location: South West of Nakki Lake
Entry Charges: Free
Timings: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Distance from City Centre: 2 kilometers

Sunset Point provides a breathtaking view of the sun setting over the Aravalli Range. It’s a popular spot for tourists and photographers, offering a mesmerizing experience as the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors.

5. Achalgarh Fort

Location: Achalgarh Village
Entry Charges: Free
Timings: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Distance from City Centre: 11 kilometers

Achalgarh Fort, built by the Parmar dynasty and later renovated by Maharana Kumbha, is a historical marvel. The fort houses the Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, and the beautiful Mandakini Lake.

6. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Aravalli Range
Entry Charges: ₹300 for Indians; ₹600 for foreigners
Timings: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Distance from City Centre: 3 kilometers

Covering an area of 288 square kilometers, the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a variety of flora and fauna. Nature enthusiasts can spot species like leopards, sloth bears, and a wide range of birds, making it a perfect spot for wildlife photography.

7. Toad Rock

Location: Near Nakki Lake
Entry Charges: Free
Timings: Open all day
Distance from City Centre: 1 kilometer

Toad Rock, resembling a giant toad about to jump into the lake, is a popular viewpoint. A short hike leads to this natural rock formation, offering stunning views of Nakki Lake and the surrounding hills.

8. Trevor’s Tank

Location: 5 kilometers from Nakki Lake
Entry Charges: ₹30 for Indians; ₹60 for foreigners
Timings: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Distance from City Centre: 5 kilometers

Trevor’s Tank is a man-made crocodile breeding site and a great spot for bird watching. The tranquil surroundings and the chance to spot wildlife make it a popular destination for nature lovers.

9. Peace Park

Location: Brahma Kumaris Road
Entry Charges: Free
Timings: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Distance from City Centre: 8 kilometers

Managed by the Brahma Kumaris, Peace Park offers a serene environment perfect for meditation and relaxation. The park features beautifully landscaped gardens, rock formations, and a variety of plants.

10. Arbuda Devi Temple

Location: Arbuda Devi Road
Entry Charges: Free
Timings: 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Distance from City Centre: 3 kilometers

Dedicated to the goddess Arbuda, this temple is situated in a cave on a hill. It’s a significant pilgrimage site, and visitors need to climb 365 steps to reach the temple. The views from the top are worth the effort.

11. Honeymoon Point

Location: Ganesh Road
Entry Charges: Free
Timings: 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Distance from City Centre: 2.5 kilometers

Honeymoon Point offers a romantic and picturesque setting, making it popular among couples. The point provides a panoramic view of the surrounding valleys and plains, especially beautiful during sunset.

12. Gaumukh Temple

Location: Near Mount Abu
Entry Charges: Free
Timings: 5:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Distance from City Centre: 4 kilometers

Gaumukh Temple, dedicated to Saint Vashishtha, is named after a natural spring that flows through a sculpted cow's head. The temple is reached by a short trek, offering spiritual solace and natural beauty.

13. Raghunath Temple

Location: Near Nakki Lake
Entry Charges: Free
Timings: 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Distance from City Centre: 1 kilometer

Raghunath Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, is a significant religious site for Vaishnavites. The temple’s architecture and serene surroundings make it a peaceful place for worship and reflection.

14. Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University

Location: Shantivan Complex
Entry Charges: Free
Timings: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Distance from City Centre: 7 kilometers

The Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University offers courses and retreats focused on meditation, spiritual growth, and personal development. Visitors can participate in various programs and experience the tranquil environment.

15. Achalgarh Jain Temples

Location: Achalgarh Village
Entry Charges: Free
Timings: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Distance from City Centre: 11 kilometers

The Jain temples at Achalgarh are renowned for their intricate marble work and serene ambiance. These ancient temples are an important pilgrimage site and reflect the architectural splendor of the region.

Travel Information

Planning a trip to Mount Abu involves understanding the best ways to get there, local transportation options, and essential travel tips. Mount Abu road tour operators provide you with all the necessary travel information to ensure your journey is seamless and enjoyable.

Mount Abu Local Airports, Railway Stations, and Bus Stands

Mount Abu is well-connected by various modes of transportation. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you reach this picturesque hill station:


The nearest airport to Mount Abu is Maharana Pratap Airport in Udaipur, approximately 176 kilometers away. From the airport, you can hire a taxi near Abu road railway station or use our comfortable transfer services. Alternatively, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad, located about 225 kilometers away, is another convenient option for international travelers.

Railway Stations

The primary railway station serving Mount Abu is Abu Road Railway Station, situated around 28 kilometers from the town center. Regular trains connect Abu Road to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad. Upon arrival, you can take a taxi or use our shuttle services to reach your hotel.

Bus Stands

Mount Abu is accessible by road, with several bus services operating from nearby cities. The main bus stand in Mount Abu is centrally located, making it easy to find transport to your accommodation. State-run and private buses run frequently from cities like Udaipur, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Jodhpur.

Reaching Mount Abu from Different Parts of India

From the East

Travelers from eastern India can fly to Udaipur or Ahmedabad and then take a taxi or bus to Mount Abu. Alternatively, direct trains to Abu Road Railway Station are available from several eastern cities.

From the West

Those traveling from western India can drive to Mount Abu, take a direct bus, or use train services to Abu Road. Flights to Ahmedabad followed by a road trip is another convenient option.

From the North

Visitors from northern India can reach Mount Abu by taking a direct train to Abu Road or by flying to Udaipur or Ahmedabad. Regular bus services from Delhi and Jaipur also provide an easy road travel option.

From the South

Southern travelers can fly to Ahmedabad or Udaipur and then take a taxi or bus to Mount Abu. Direct trains to Abu Road from major southern cities are also available, providing a comfortable travel alternative.

Essential Travel Tips

  • Best Time to Visit: The ideal time to visit Mount Abu is from November to March when the weather is pleasant and perfect for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

  • Clothing: Pack light cotton clothes for the daytime and warm layers for the cooler evenings, especially if you’re visiting during the winter months.

  • Health and Safety: Carry a basic first aid kit, stay hydrated, and wear comfortable shoes for exploring the hilly terrain.

Local Transportation

Once in Mount Abu, you can explore the town and its attractions using various local transportation options. Auto-rickshaws, taxi service in Mount Abu, and rental bikes are readily available. For a more immersive experience, consider walking or hiking to nearby attractions.

Shopping in Mount Abu

Shopping in Mount Abu offers a delightful experience, blending the charm of local craftsmanship with vibrant market scenes. Whether you’re looking for souvenirs, traditional Rajasthani attire, or unique handicrafts, the town's bustling markets have something for everyone. Here’s a guide to the best shopping spots according to the best tour operators in Mount Abu.

Nakki Lake Market

Located close to the scenic Nakki Lake, this market is a favorite among tourists. It’s known for its array of handicrafts, including marble and sandstone sculptures, wooden artifacts, and traditional Rajasthani textiles. You can also find beautiful jewelry, colorful bangles, and souvenirs that capture the essence of Mount Abu. Just a short walk from the city center, Nakki Lake Market is perfect for an evening stroll and shopping spree. For the large group, we offer tempo traveller in Mount Abu.

Tibetan Market

For a unique shopping experience, visit the Tibetan Market, located near the Mount Abu bus stand tempo traveller rental services. This market is famous for its Tibetan and Himalayan goods, including woolen clothes, footwear, and accessories. The vibrant stalls are filled with colorful prayer flags, intricate handicrafts, and semi-precious stones. The market is about 1.5 kilometers from the city center, making it easily accessible.

Rajasthali Emporium

If you’re looking for authentic Rajasthani products, Rajasthali Emporium is the place to go. This government-run store showcases a wide range of traditional items, including textiles, pottery, and home decor. You can find beautifully crafted sarees, block-printed fabrics, and exquisite jewelry. Located in the heart of Mount Abu, it’s a great place to purchase high-quality goods at reasonable prices.

Khadi Bhandar

Khadi Bhandar is a popular spot for eco-friendly and handwoven products. This store offers a variety of Khadi clothing, organic products, and handmade soaps. It’s a great place to buy sustainable souvenirs and support local artisans. The store is situated near the main market area, just a kilometer from the city center.

Chacha Museum

For an eclectic mix of antiques and vintage items, Chacha Museum is a must-visit. This unique store features a collection of old coins, vintage cameras, traditional Rajasthani puppets, and other rare artifacts. It’s located near Nakki Lake, making it a convenient stop during your shopping tour. The museum-shop hybrid offers a glimpse into the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Local Tips for Shoppers

  • Bargaining: Don’t hesitate to bargain, especially in local markets. Vendors often quote higher prices, and haggling is expected.

  • Cash: Carry enough cash as many small shops may not accept credit or debit cards.

  • Timing: The markets are usually busiest in the evenings. Visiting in the morning can provide a more relaxed shopping experience.

Mount Abu’s markets are not just about shopping; they offer a glimpse into the local culture and traditions. Whether you’re a seasoned shopper or just looking for a memorable keepsake, the town’s vibrant shopping scene has something to offer. Explore these markets with a travel agency near Abu road railway station for an enriched and hassle-free shopping experience.

Top Restaurants in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is not just a feast for the eyes but also for the palate. This charming hill station offers a variety of dining options that cater to every taste. From traditional Rajasthani flavors to global cuisines, the culinary scene here is as diverse as it is delightful. Here’s a guide to the best places to eat and drink in Mount Abu.

Jaipur Palace Restaurant

Situated close to Nakki Lake, Jaipur Palace Restaurant is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Known for its authentic Rajasthani cuisine, the restaurant offers mouth-watering dishes like Dal Baati Churma, Gatte ki Sabzi, and Laal Maas. The cozy ambiance and traditional decor enhance the dining experience. It’s located about 1.2 kilometers from the city center, making it a convenient spot for a hearty meal.

Mulberry Tree Restaurant

For those seeking a mix of Indian and international cuisine, Mulberry Tree Restaurant at the Hotel Hillock is the perfect choice. The menu features a wide range of dishes, including North Indian, Continental, and Chinese. Don’t miss their signature dishes like Butter Chicken and Paneer Tikka. The elegant setting and attentive service make it an excellent choice for a relaxed dining experience. The restaurant is just 0.8 kilometers from the city center.

Arbuda Restaurant

Located in the main market area, Arbuda Restaurant is renowned for its delicious vegetarian food. Specializing in Gujarati and South Indian cuisines, the restaurant also offers a variety of snacks and fast food items. Popular dishes include Dhokla, Masala Dosa, and Chole Bhature. The vibrant atmosphere and quick service make it a popular choice among families and groups. It’s conveniently located just 0.5 kilometers from the city center.

King’s Food

For a casual dining experience with a view, King’s Food near Nakki Lake is a must-visit. The rooftop restaurant offers stunning lake views and a diverse menu that includes Indian, Chinese, and Italian cuisines. Their pizzas and sizzlers are particularly popular. It’s an ideal spot for a laid-back meal or a romantic dinner, located about 1 kilometer from the city center.


Craving some North Indian flavors? Head to Sher-e-Punjab, a well-known eatery offering delectable Punjabi dishes. From rich Butter Chicken to flavorful Tandoori Kebabs, the restaurant serves authentic North Indian cuisine in generous portions. The casual setting and friendly service make it a great place for a family meal. It’s located around 0.9 kilometers from the city center.

Café Shikibo

For a cozy café experience, visit Café Shikibo near Sunset Point. This charming café offers a range of coffees, teas, and light bites. It’s the perfect spot to unwind with a book or enjoy a quiet conversation. Their homemade pastries and sandwiches are highly recommended. The café is about 1.5 kilometers from the city center, offering a peaceful retreat away from the bustling markets.

Local Delicacies to Try

  • Rajasthani Thali: A traditional platter featuring a variety of Rajasthani dishes, providing a complete taste of the region’s culinary heritage.

  • Rabri: A sweet, creamy dessert made from condensed milk, often flavored with cardamom and garnished with nuts.

  • Bajre ki Roti with Garlic Chutney: A wholesome meal featuring millet bread served with spicy garlic chutney.

Tips for Dining in Mount Abu

  • Timing: Restaurants typically get busy during peak hours, so consider making a reservation or visiting during off-peak times for a more relaxed experience.

  • Local Flavors: Don’t miss out on trying local Rajasthani dishes, which offer a unique blend of spices and flavors.

  • Hygiene: Opt for well-reviewed eateries to ensure a clean and safe dining experience.

Exploring the culinary delights of Mount Abu is a journey in itself. With a range of dining options to suit every taste and budget, your gastronomic adventure in this beautiful hill station is sure to be memorable. Enjoy the flavors of Mount Abu with Galaxy Tours and Travels, ensuring a satisfying and delightful dining experience.